Last Chingu Warrior

A fun and hellishly difficult game build by the awesome Geckos-Team-5 team using the newest version of the Phaser.js framework in only 8 weeks. It was a real challenge working with a freshly made framework we never used before and developing such a complex project like a game.
Sadly, no mobile version for this project available.

Alex Novels

A small website to show off my favorite novels and my rating of them. My small treasure with its own API build with Node.js, Express and MongoDB. For the meantime the frontend is pure Javascript and the awesome UIkit library, but i hope to transition to react soon.

Catch Da Alien

A pure Javascript game where you need to click on aliens to fight them away! The project is currently paused, but after learning React, I hope to find some time to make its own scoreboard and add authentification, to see how it works.

Tic Tac Toe

Would you like to play a quick game of tic tac toe?
Also a pure Javascript game, intended as training and for learning more Javascript.


Write your name and see which music comes out! A quick Javascript project made by me a long time ago as I was learning how to work with API'S. Funny enough I never used an API and instead have all 100 links for the different songs in it as a file. It works by taking in your name and modifying the sum of the characters to play one of the songs. The result is random but consistent for the same name.

TickyBot Landing Page Clone

This is a clone of the TickyBot landing page for learning purposes, made by a team from the Chingu Cohorts, where I was part of.

Discover more fun stuff at my Github

There you should find some more interesting projects, which just didn't happen to make it into top 6.


I am proficient in:






Phaser.js 3

Future study areas:

Priority: React





Oleksandr Malakhov

Adress: Vienna, Austria